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Individual Therapy for Adults + Young Adults.

I use a collaborative approach to explore ways to create growth and change in the troublesome various areas of one's life such as managing anxiety, stress, depression, life transitions, mental health disorders, divorce, relationships, dealing with intense emotions, or healing trauma. Clients learn valuable tools to cope with obstacles and various methods to implement change.

Individual Therapy for Parents   

Skillful Parenting is not necessarily intuitive. There are countless joys and magical moments. Yet, parenting can be highly stressful and dysregulating, especially during difficult developmental transitions. I use a collaborative approach to explore  problem areas of communication, impulsivity, low self-esteem, and difficulties with emotional self-control, while offering strategies to help navigating limit setting, establishing boundaries, and parenting impasses, while offering emotional support to parents and their kids.

Areas I help to strengthen include: 


  • Developing clear, confident and respectful communication, devoid of blame, shame and criticism

  • Effective discipline that enforces boundaries and safety while avoiding undermining the relationship or creating shame in parents or the child/teen  

  • The powerful tools of validation, compassion, and empathy, and how they create connection AND change  

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